Doug’s Buggs and Bunnys


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Client since 2017

Want to check out a great vibe? Head on over to Doug’s and check out the cool old VWs they are working on. The main purpose of this website was to better showcase what capabilities they have. Their old web site showed a couple of cool cars, but really didn’t dig deep enough into their offerings and the good feels of a family-owned shop. First on the priority list was to get a gallery of Featured Builds posted with some details about the individual projects. We got a good variety of projects up to show everything from stock builds, to full customs and some fire breathers. Next was to get some pages up that not only discussed services that were offered, but gave a preview to potential clients of what the process may look like. We also have an e-commerce store, but it is much less about car parts and more about cool T-shirts and other Schwag from the shop. If you have an old VW that needs some love, get it over to Doug’s!