Owens & Perkins


  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design

Owens & Perkins is not only a group of award-winning attorneys, they are also a really great collection of people. They contacted 200 Megaton for a website redesign as well a maintaining the existing web site. Software updates had not been run on the old website for about 2 years creating a potential security risk. Since it had been such a long time since any software updates had been run and in order to prevent any downtime, a separate copy of the website was created on 200 Megaton’s servers to run the updates and do testing. The updates were then imported to the live site with almost no interruption in service. Once the old site was safe, we got to work on the new site.

The new site was also developed separately on 200 Megaton’s servers. In addition to design updates, new pages were added, content was rearranged and a considerable amount of stock photos were added to improve the appearance of the pages. The URL structure was carefully maintained so as not interfere with any existing SEO page rankings. Moved pages were also given redirects to maintain existing search status. After the entire new site was tested, reviewed and revised, it was again deployed to the live site with little interruption.