Avatar CTS


  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web content/writing

Client since 2009

Not only is Avatar a client, but they are also a vendor to 200 Megaton. If we determine that your project needs a custom web application, Chris of Avatar will be creating it. Chris, like the engineer that he is, really wants to see a project work well. In addition, he also wants to make sure that it brings value to the client. Custom software can be a huge undertaking, so it is really important that it not only works, but works well within the client’s work flow.

For this web revision, Chris and I met a few times just to discuss the direction of his business and touch upon all the services that he offers and some of the projects he had been working on. From there, very little was recycled from the previous web site we had developed years before. 200 Megaton not only provided a new web layout for this project, but did all the writing as well. After launch, we also developed new business cards to integrate the new visual direction of the web site.